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    Having problems with slow running drains? Are you having problems with the kitchen sink? Are you tired of that leaky faucet? PR Plumbing is your source for the best in plumbing services. We focus on installations, service, and repairs for residential properties. From water drains, gas lines and faucets, to under concrete leaks, PR Plumbing can handle all of your plumbing needs and save you the hassle of having to deal with it, so call us today!

    We serve in Los Angeles, CA.

    You can always count on PR Plumbing for high professionalism, personalized services, and competitive prices. For fast, reliable service and a free estimate, contact us today!


    * Increased water pressure
    * No more rusty or discolored water
    * Being able to use more than one faucet at a time
    * No more leaky pipes
    * No scalding in the shower when someone turns on a faucet
    * Greater peace of mind
    * Positive selling point for your property


    * Positive living point for your property


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